Alkaline Diet – The Cure For All Ills?

Recently we are hearing more and more about the importance of alkalising your food to balance the body and wipe out harmful bacteria and fungus. Is this really such fantastic new wisdom, or have we seen it all before?

If you read some of the material out there that has been written about alkaline diets, you would be forgiven for thinking that at last we have completely cured the ills of the world with one all-encompassing theory. The testimonials attest to near-miracle cures for all manner of ailments that have not responded to other treatments, both traditional and alternative, and in short, this seems to have been the ultimate lifesaver for many. So, how much truth is in this amazing ‘new’ knowledge?

Well, actually it is fabulously effective. Not only does it offer a very logical explanation for its effectiveness, but it delivers on those promises too. Is it the ultimate diet then? Well, no, for that you need to develop your intuition further to tailor any general alkalising to your own particular body’s needs, but it certainly offers one of the best weapons in your health maintenance arsenal.

On the face of it alkaline foods just seem to be regular, commonsense foods to include in a good diet – organically sourced leafy greens, sprouted grains, super grasses, nuts, seeds and healthy oils – but the theory of really alkalising the system to drive out illness has taken the use of them to the extreme. It is particularly useful knowledge to keep close by when planning a fast or detox, as well as your lifetime eating plan.

But how can we make even this great system more useful for our own unique body types?

Well, if you add a little knowledge from the ancient science of Ayurveda, you will even be able to narrow down which alkalising foods would be best for you at any given time, and how to apply their use. The best thing about Ayurvedic knowledge is that it accounts for changes in the physiology, the seasons, your body type and imbalances, and many other factors, so that you can tailor your diet plan to fit you exactly for any given time period, and know when it’s time to reconsider that diet plan.

Surprisingly, as we look deeper into Ayurveda, we can see that a lot of the alkalising theories aren’t that new at all, and were known thousands of years ago. Although acidity and alkalinity were not mentioned as such, foods were broken into categories of ‘vata, pitta and kapha’ and their qualities and effects on various vata, pitta and kapha body types were well documented. These theories tie in very well with a lot of the modern theories that are supposedly just being discovered.

However, one theory that makes a lot of sense is that the body does exactly what it needs to do and varies its acidity and alkalinity according to what it needs at the time. One answer might be to eat a paleo type diet where you just eat what’s in season at your latitude and that will probably allow your body to maintain exactly the pH it needs without complicated second guessing.

So, the answer? Learn about your Ayurvedic body type and about how Ayurveda sees foods as medicines to be used alongside developing your own intuition about your own needs, and then use the theories of alkalising your food as one of many tools to fix yourself for good and finally enjoy the radiant health you have always desired.

Source by Philip Escott

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