Creating Your 1st Perfect Paleo Meal and Diet Plan

The Paleo meal and diet plan is based from the paleolithic diet, or caveman diet. This diet takes us back to the caveman days, when meals were simple, meat, vegetables, fruits, gathered or hunted. This kind of diet was popularized during the seventies by a well-known gastroenterologist named Walter L. Voegtlin, that suggested that many of the problems people faced at that time with the stomach, or poor health in general was because of the processed foods we were eating. Our diets hadn’t really changed since the caveman days, and all we needed was these basic foods to have a healthy lifestyle.

While the paleo meal and diet plan at that time was considered by most nutritionists as a fad, just like some of the other ones that were being offered. However, while most of these diets have come and gone, the paleolithic diet has not only remained, but is sworn by some people. Some of the problems encountered by those on this diet is that in many cases, naturally feed beef, chicken, and pork are hard to come by, as well as many of the organic fruits and vegetables. Because of this, it can be extremely hard to find and set up a meal plan that to live by this diet. Many people have all but given up trying to live this lifestyle, because of how hard it is to find different and nutritious meals three times a day every day.

Because of this and many other problems with the diet itself, dietitians and doctors came up with a great solution. Just like a number of other successful diet plans that use pre planned meals for their clients, you can now find successful paleo meals for those seeking to get in better health from this kind of diet. Dr. Loren Cordain has an official website that not only answers a number of different questions about the diet itself, but has a number of meal plans available to help those that want to stick with this diet and are happy with it. Another website offers more than 370 different and delicious recipes, as well as a 14 day meal planning guide that will help you set up your own meals. This site also has a number of helpful tips and information on where to shop, what kinds of specific foods to look for, as well as a number of money-saving tips.

With the fourteen day meal plan, you can expect a number of well thought out meals, from breakfast through dinner and even snacks and desserts. Here is an example of a typical day. One morning you can have bacon and eggs with fruit. For lunch is sweet potato and zucchini frittata. Dinner includes grilled trout, and butternut squash soup, with pork rinds as a snack. Some of the desserts can include coconut ice cream, poached pears in red wine, and even baked apples. Other snacks can include raw veggies, Macadamia nuts and even beef jerky are offered.

Certainly not all people are going to enjoy this kind of diet and lifestyle. Some people just can’t wrap their head around eating a cave man diet. However thousands of people are living this lifestyle every day and are not only enjoying these wonderful meals, but are losing weight, feeling better about themselves, and are living a much healthier life.

Source by Renee Gilbert

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