How to Lose Visceral Fat? FBF Diet Plan is the Key!

Are you frustrated because your belly jiggles while you scratch your belly or walk with swimsuit?

Even I was overweight like you. I had big belly due to visceral fat, which is dangerous as this is directly linked to diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure stroke. I used to have back and knee pain because of heavy body weight.

I was looking for a solution on how to lose visceral fat & love handles. I tried all options like Atkins, low sodium and sugar, low carbs diet and even starvation to get rid of those pesky pounds from my stomach, hip and thighs.

I failed like hundreds of other people, who jump on weight reduction bandwagon everyday and ultimately fall off this bandwagon.

Let’s see why some people suffer from obesity and why it is an endemic.

The reasons behind unwanted fat in stomach, hips and thighs are sedentary lifestyle, slow metabolism, junk food and stress in daily life. Losing body fat and fighting against obesity is simple. You only need motivation to follow a proven step by step plan.

I found this system created by Rob Paulo, which is an excellent program for body fat loss. He has put his entire plan in FatBurningFurnace ebook, which is an extremely popular and successful course for weight management. His method is successful because it is based on improving metabolism with proper exercise and diet. I found this to be the fastest way to lose weight even for a food lover like me.

Here, I will share with you a little known but scientifically proven special weight loss diets, which I learned from FBF program and other fat loss products during my research. Some of these diets really helped me to remove pesky pounds off my stomach, hips and thighs.

Here are 6 fat burning diets which can improve your metabolism:

1. Spices such as cajun, chili, black pepper, white pepper, cinnamon and cayenne pepper can increase metabolic processes by almost 50%, leading to the burning of body fat.

2. Digestion nutrient assimilation of proteins with low fat sub component (lean meat) requires a lot more body energy and thus break down visceral fat.

3. A healthy person can take caffeine or green tea, which can increase metabolism and initiate the processes that burn visceral fat

4. Dark chocolate have high level of antioxidants, which helps in obesity management.

5. Acai berry helps because it contains all the antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins known for helping you lose weight fast. People reported that they got the same benefits using Acai berry Supplements.

6. You can rotate your meal plan as per calorie shift theory for quick fat loss.

Let’s summarize what we learned in this article:

Source by Riti Tsur

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