Maple Syrup Lemon Cayenne Diet – The Fat Flush Plan

The Master Cleanse or Maple Syrup Lemon Cayenne Diet is one of the simplest and safest ways to Cleanse, Lose Weight and Detox. The Master Cleanse Diet helps the body discard poisonous and other unwanted elements.

The Master Cleanse has been around for more than 50 years, but its popularity soared a few years ago after Beyonce announced she’d lost 20 pounds on the diet for the movie Dreamgirls.

The advantages of using the master cleanse detox:

• Weight control
• Increased vitality
• Curing chronic illnesses
• Boosted energy level
• Stronger immunity of the body to fight diseases and infections
• Improved digestion of nutrients required for good health
• As the weight reduces high blood pressure comes down too
• Gives a noticeably younger looking skin

The plan, consisting of nothing more than a lemon juice concoction, is supposed to help you lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, cleanse your body of internal waste, and boost your energy levels in 10 days.

When you are on this Maple Syrup Lemon Cayenne Diet, you are only allowed to drink liquid or lemonades and solid food is totally not allowed. This lemonade diet lasts a few hours or a few days. The longer it is, the better you rid your body of toxins and fat. A Master Cleanse diet normally last 10 days and during this time, it allows the body time to get back to its optimal, balanced state. As there’s no solid food during that period, there won’t be any build up of toxin and poisonous substances.

While you’re doing the cleanse it is important to keep your bowels moving. It recommends the morning internal salt flush:

• Prepare a full quart of lukewarm water.
• Add two level teaspoons of sea salt, preferably Himalayan pink salt. Do not use ordinary iodized salt.
• Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Lemon as well as cayenne pepper encourages detoxification since both have alkalizing effect that reduces inflammation anywhere in the body and also the swelling of tissues. Wastes of the body loosen and go out of the colon resulting in the removal of poisons from the body leading to the liver working faster to burn fat. Toxins from the fat cells are also removed with the continuous intake of fluid. The grade B maple syrup contains essential nutrients as well as calories to help boost metabolism.

Source by Annette H. Crawford

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