Paleo Diet For Athletes – 3 Tips For Using Diet to Improve Your Performance

The majority of human body chemistry and physiology is optimized for conditions that existed before the advent of agriculture more than 10,000 years ago. Although human society has advanced dramatically since then, genetically, we are identical to the humans of that time. A Paleo Diet takes that fact into consideration, without ignoring what we have learned about nutrition in the modern age. Athletes on the Paleo regimen have reported being able to train harder, feel healthier, and experienced increased energy, and for good reason – the Paleo diet works.

Here are some tips on how to use a Paleo diet to your advantage:

1. REMOVE pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes from your diet. Starchy foods are great fillers and became “staple” foods after the agricultural revolution because they were cheap and easy to grow, and could support a larger population. However, they are notorious for lacking in nutrition, and the body easily converts this food into fat.

2. DO eat fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and meat. For the same reasons you don’t want to eat bread, rice, and pasta. Nutritional value in these foods are much higher, and your body uses the vitamins and proteins contained in these foods specifically during and after physical exercise.

3. DO cook your food. The Paleo Diet is sometimes mistakenly lumped with raw foods diets. They are not the same thing, and will not achieve the same goal. And yes – paleolithic man cooked his food. Cooking will process the food and help make it not only more palatable, but easier for your body to digest.

Source by Bryan Tan

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