The Baked Potato Diet

Is there such a thing as the baked potato diet? Can you really lose weight by eating potatoes? Well, yes their is. You can actually lose weight, using a diet which includes potatoes, but that does not mean, you just eat only that. By adding healthy toppings and fillings, you can lose weight with a diet which is enjoyed by many people all around the world.

The humble potato, has been described by some as a super food, because of the amount of vitamins and minerals which are contained within it. You may not realize, but the potato contains basically no fat, and because of this, you don’t have to constantly keep an eye on what you are eating. The average sized 100 gram baked potato, only contains around 165 calories, if you compare this to french fries which contain nearly 220 calories per 100 grams, the numbers, speak for themselves.

It may sound boring, but the baked potato diet can become extremely varied, because of the amount of fillings you can add. Regular toppings such as butter or cheese, can be changed to include sour cream, poached eggs, chopped tomatoes and onions. By simply adding low fat sauces, and a couple of herbs and spices, a baked potato, can become a full meal in minutes.

One of my favorite fillings for a baked potato includes, low fat cottage cheese, red pepper and carrot. My dicing the red pepper and carrot, and mixing it with the low fat cottage cheese, you can turn bland cottage cheese into sweet crunchy potato filling.

These are just some ways of using the potato, to lose weight. I have used this weight loss program many times in the past couple of years, to shed those extra pounds. I have also implemented many other diet programs into my daily routine too.

Source by Justin Collins Lee

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