The Day Off Diet Vs Atkins

Atkins is a strict low carb diet plan that restricts you to 10-20 carbs a day until weight is lost. While on the Atkins diet, you can lose weight, but once you get off the program you are likely to gain the weight back. There have been little studies that suggest this plan is good for your health long-term. While this program is possible to follow, it is highly unrealistic that you will be able to follow that program for the rest of your life and it will be impossible to keep the weight off once you start eating carbs again.

Not all carbs are created equal.

While I agree that diets full of refined sugars and flours are horrible for your health, there are plenty of carbs that your body needs in order to burn fat. With The Day Off Diet you will be provided with a list of “green light foods”, these are foods that are best for burning fat. You will also be allowed about two portions of “yellow light foods” in your diet for balance. You need balance to successfully lose weight and to keep it off. The best part about The Day Off Diet, is that you will be require to take a day off from “dieting” to eat whatever you want.

Stop losing weight the hard way.

The Day Off Diet is a program that allows you to successfully burn fat while eating a lot of your favorite foods, they will show you how to eat in restaurants and how to prepare food at home. This program is easy to follow and totally livable long term. You will learn how to eat, changing your lifestyle, and never again count calories or carbs. You won’t even need to keep a food journal. Your cravings will absolutely disappear.

Source by Lucinda H. Becks

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