The Health Benefits of Paleolithic Food

The modern world has provided a wealth of convenient foods that make life easier for the seemingly busy modern man or woman. But it was also discovered that an easy way of life has its drawbacks, especially when it comes to the health of every person who is eating foods that are full of preservatives. That is why many are starting to consider eating paleo foods to stay healthy.

A Caveman Diet

The Paleo diet originated from the way of eating that the Paleolithic man ate: that is, without preservatives, and as natural as can be possible with the glaring absence of instant foods. Although primitive, it was surely healthy enough for the cavemen since they lived out their lives without the health problems that most modern people often suffer from. No caveman has ever suffered from obesity or osteoporosis thanks to the foods that they constantly ingested.

This begs the question whether the same food that was good for the early humans is also good enough for the modern people who are so used to simply adding hot water or popping open a can. Research has shown that it does promote good health and those who adopt the Paleo diet often find it easier to lose weight and maintain it so long as they make the diet a lifestyle. However, there are those who are against such a way of eating claiming that it is not viable anymore.

Unbalanced Diet

The people who are against the Paleo diet and the foods consumed claim that it simply does not promote a balanced diet. It is true that the Paleo diet does not allow eating of foods that still need to be processed before they become edible. And so foods such as grains and potatoes, which some say are necessary for health, are not included in this kind of diet.

However, the early humans were able to live quite healthy lives without gnawing on raw potatoes or chewing uncooked grains. Processing such foods came only much recently with the ability to cook and modern technology. The Paleolithic people did not have such convenience.

To Eat or Not To Eat

Debates are still ongoing whether to promote the foods contained in the paleo diet because of concerns of being unbalanced and thus being unhealthy. Proponents of the Paleo diet however find that the foods that the Paleolithic people ate are still very much healthy for modern people. After all, for millions of years they have been the staple foods of humanity.

The people who are having trouble with the more modern methods of diet, including starving oneself by not including meat products, might want to try the Paleo diet. It really is a lifestyle change more than a diet and does not require much vigilance concerning checking his or her weight every single day. Nor does it require counting each and every calorie that is ingested so that the person maintains his or her weight.

No matter what can be said about the Paleo diet, it is still a viable option. It is also starting to gain popularity among those who had trouble following a strict regimen of fasting. The food that has nourished humanity since the early times are still quite nutritious although it can be sometimes difficult to find stores that offer these kinds of foods. But given enough time, it will be adopted by more and more people and the paleo foods will be more readily available.

Source by Steven Jean Thomas

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