The Smoked Salmon Diet is Easy and Effective!

When you’re on a diet, it can be hard to find the right combination of foods that works for you. You want to lose weight, but you also want to feel full, and know that you’re eating a healthy combination of foods. There are many diet foods and meal plans on the market meant to help satisfy your needs, but often, they’re overpriced and taste terrible, and you know nothing in them is fresh. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a find something to center your diet around that was good for you and tasted great? You can with the smoked salmon diet.

When you’ve already tried every crazy diet in the book, why not go back to simple, natural food and try the smoked salmon diet instead. The smoked salmon diet is a great way for you to get the protein that you crave, and that your body needs to stay healthy, while adding a tasty and inviting new aspect to your meals. Beans, tofu and chicken are all great proteins that make a wonderful addition to any healthy diet, but as a focus and a centerpiece of several meals a week, the smoked salmon diet is a much more exciting and appetizing way to lose weight.

The smoked salmon diet is great because of it’s star, smoked salmon. It’s great for you, and it also tastes amazing. Unlike the dry and bad tasting packaged diet foods you may be used to, smoked salmon is naturally moist and rich, making it an excellent addition to many different meals and snacks. Did you know that it also has, in a three ounce portion, less calories than the same amount of chicken? And unlike chicken, smoked salmon has omega three fatty acids, which are essential for heart health!

There are many great recipes that you can enjoy with the smoked salmon diet. Why not use a rice cake instead of a bagel for a new and exciting twist on the old classic combination of a bagel and smoked salmon. Simply take a plain rice cake, and cover it with a thin layer of fat free cream cheese. On top of this layer, place a thick slice of beefsteak tomato, and a thinner slice of onion. You may also want to add a few capers for some added salt. To top it all off, add a thin layer of smoked salmon, and you’re done. It’s a great and easy snack that’s sure to please!

There are many fabulous dinners that can be made with the smoked salmon diet. Do you love asparagus? Steam some, and wrap the spears with smoked salmon. If you’re a pasta lover, toss some whole wheat pasta in a touch of oil, with smoked salmon and your favorite vegetables.

The smoked salmon diet is a great way to lose weight without having to deny yourself fresh and delicious food. You’ll feel great, and be happy you are doing so well on your path to weight loss!

Source by Sherry Shantel

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