What’s Hot Sauce Diet All About

Hot sauce is simply what you put on top of a slice of pizza to add a zest of spice and flavor unto it-well that’s what you know. Maybe you want to know more about what it can actually do for you and your increasing weight.

This may rather surprise you, but there is such a thing called a hot sauce diet, the diet plan created by Dr. Spiro Antoniades, M.D., a surgeon, who personally struggled with this condiment to get back to normal weight.

Capsaicin is the active ingredient in hot sauce that makes it so spicy. It is toxic, but it can do a lot of good things for your body. It decreases your appetite, makes you thirsty, and when you drink lots of fluids, you can then feel your stomach get fuller. All of these mechanisms make you eat less.

Does this mean you have to drink it alone for several weeks? The answer is no. The diet is about putting hot sauce in just about any food you get. Like, pour it in an olive or salad, and then eat it. You can also boil an egg, cut it in half, remove the egg yolk, and then fill its crater with it. You can basically eat anything, only that you pour them with hot sauce.

But it doesn’t stop there. The trick here is to eat the food more slowly, because swallowing your food fast won’t create that spice on your tongue.

Hot sauce diet can also work on your bad eating habits. How? By making it as a punishment whenever you eat the wrong kinds of foods excessively, or when you eat at the wrong time like binge-eating, or when you eat with the wrong people (who do bad eating behaviors like you). Since basically all of these bad eating behaviors boil down to weight gain, you can try punishing yourself by eating hot sauce to correct your attitude.

This actually makes sense, because the spicy feeling you get is actually pain sensations that alert the nerve endings in your tongue. So doing this is like giving yourself pain as a result of a bad eating habit, and by doing so you can regain a normal one.

Having said this, the most important of all, is for you to recognize your bad eating behaviors. Try counting the amount of calories you consume in a day. With the help of hot sauce diet, you can slowly normalize your food intake and make it balance.

Now what about cons regarding to this hot sauce diet plan? Most literature would say spicy foods cause or trigger stomach ulcers. But there is actually no scientific evidence yet to prove this. What they have found out however, is that when rats were fed with excessive amounts of capsaicin, they died due to respiratory failure. While these reports were established, there are no tests yet done on humans which would directly link this effect.

As for Dr. Antonaides, his hot sauce diet worked for him, and he just wanted to share with the rest of the world what he found out. After all, that’s what science is all about-sharing a piece of idea that may sometimes sound absurd, yet it might just work.

Source by Susan Bell

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