Who Else Wants To Wake Up To A Delicious Paleo Breakfast?

Even the most dedicated Paleo dieter can have trouble making it through breakfast. On the typical western diet, there’s a lot of emphasis on grains: muffins, toast, pancakes, bagels, all designed to give you an energetic start to your day. If you’ve gotten away from the carbohydrate carousel, you might be looking for some fresh ideas on making your Paleo breakfast for.

Do You Like Eggs?

This is a breakfast staple on the low carb diet, and there’s so surprise why – it tastes great, it’s adaptable and cooks into a wide variety of dishes. Best of all, it gives you plenty of protein to start your day. Fry some eggs (or just the whites) and meld them together with a light meat like chicken breast, tilapia or a couple of slices of bacon, and a little veggies. Raw spinach is great, but things like frozen broccoli and avocado work just as well. Finally, use a little seasoning. Salsa, soy sauce, or guacamole are hearty and will add a pinch of flavor.

There’s nothing wrong with a little meat – all of the standard breakfast meat choices are still in play, so if you want a hearty smoked sausage, some ground beef, or a few strips of bacon, nothing’s stopping you.

A Liquid Breakfast?

If you want something a little lighter to kick off your day, make a fruit smoothie. The construction of your smoothie is going to vary depending on your tolerance for dairy, but start with some frozen fruit. A cup of frozen blueberries, cherries, or raspberries all work. If you’d rather go green, spinach, celery, avocado, and parsley are good choices that don’t have too strong of a taste. Stay away from spicy greens like kale. You can also throw in a couple of raw eggs – this is a great choice if you like the nutritional benefits of eggs but not the taste. Finally, you can add a little extra filling with ingredients to make your smoothie less like a juice and more like a meal.

Almond and coconut milk, unflavored yogurt, and a couple of spoonfuls of almond butter are all excellent and useful.

Keeping It Light

Have you thought about having a salad for breakfast? A bed of spinach, a little cucumber or tomato, and a very light dressing or oil will do the trick – you can also throw a little salmon or bacon on top of the salad if you want.

If you’ve got a little time, or you’re willing to do the prepwork the night before, you can do a lot with sweet potatoes. You can mash them and put them with some sweet fruits for breakfast, or peel them, cut them, and cook them up as hash browns.

Nobody likes to spend extra time on prep, especially if they need to wake up early, but a few minutes will get you a delicious meal. When you go primal, you go for real, flavorful food – and there’s no reason to stop that at breakfast. It can be a change from a grain based meal, but it can still be rewarding.

Source by J Russell Hart

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